This is the funniest/creepiest story of the day.

Say you are a Danish Royal and you commision the first Royal Family portrait in 125 year and you got this back?


Landing a commission to paint the portrait of a royal family is a blessing that is bestowed upon few artists. It is an important honor that not only bestows the crown’s blessing upon an artist, acknowledging his or her craftsmanship. It’s also a promise of immortality: paint this portrait and your work will hang on the walls of museums and palaces for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
“It’s the sort of painting that would look more at home as the inside front cover of a V.C. Andrews paperback.”

The latest artist to be so honored may end up immortalized for other reasons entirely. When the Queen of Denmark opted to commission the first royal family portrait in almost 125 years, she turned to Thomas Kluge, a largely self-taught Danish portrait painter whose inspirations are said to include Rembrandt and Caravaggio. After four years of work, Kluge’s finished painting is finally here: an inexplicably creepy portrait that reimagines the royal family as a clan of sadists, transvestites, and malevolent pigmen whose abominable ruttings have brought into the world a brood of Damien-like progeny.

ht Ace