The City Council of Portland has created a 39 foot buffer around a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. The buffer zone was created in response to a weekly protest in which women going in to the clinic felt “intimidated and harassed.” Now, mind you, there hadn’t been any police charges filed against any of the protesters. It’s just people saying how they felt. The police chief even testified that they haven’t had to arrest anyone.

It is clear that besides being taxpayer funded, Planned Parenthood is a protected class in this country. And pro-lifers can’t even use the public sidewalk.

Now for my favorite part of the story. The judgmental as hell lecture from some pro-abortion lunatic about being non-judgmental. Ready?

“I suspect that God is very tired of being called down on both sides of this issue with such righteousness. I’m not going to try and guess what God thinks about this 39-foot buffer zone,” the Rev. Sue Gabrielson of the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination told the council. “But I also know that as a person of faith, it’s not my job to be judgmental.”

Come on, you can’t do much better than that for insane self-righteousness, can you? I love how she says “both sides” when everyone knows who she’s talking about.

I mean, she tells you what God thinks of the pro-lifers and then accuses them of self righteousness and then does a quick two step where she says she’s nonjudgmental. Wow. Even the East German judge would have to give her a 10 for pure mental gymnastics. Do you know how morally limber you have to be to pull that off? How intellectually flexible? It’s quite the amazing feat.

So now, pro-lifers will have to stand across the street from the Planned Parenthood.

Remember free speech is only for those with whom they agree. Everything else is hate speech.