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Month May 2014

Abortionist Says His Christianity Led Him to Perform Abortions

In the mind of late-term abortionist Dr. Willie Parker, the story of the Good Samaritan ends with the Samaritan tearing a live baby from the womb of a woman. I don’t particularly remember that part of the Bible but maybe… Continue Reading →

Why is This News?

Pope Francis said yesterday that he believes that celibacy is a gift but that the rule was not dogma and could therefore someday be changed. Whoa. Bam! Pow! You’d have thought the pope drop kicked Saint Peter by the way… Continue Reading →

What Is Truth? Part I

Sometimes a little truth is the biggest lie of all. Over at the Register I dissect the current truth/lie about the infallibility of the Church by looking at Humanae Vitae. Please give it a read! *subhead*The whole truth.*subhead*

Singer Toni Braxton Believes God Punished Her For Abortion By Giving Her Son Autism

Sad. Guilt seems to be tearing this woman up. The Wire: Toni Braxton reveals in her new memoir, Unbreak My Heart, that she got an abortion in her early 30s after discovering she was pregnant with then-boyfriend Keri Lewis. She… Continue Reading →

Teachers Lured Kids into “Death Cult?”

Well, it’s a good thing the teachers didn’t try to pray with the kids because then that would be a fire-able offense. Christian News: The parents of three Connecticut girls have filed a lawsuit against their local school district, high… Continue Reading →

Catholic Governor Punts on Marriage

The Catholic and Republican governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett is facing an election. With that in mind, he just announced that he will not appeal a wacky judge’s ruling overturning a popular vote that declared marriage as between one man… Continue Reading →

First They Came For Dodgeball, Then They Came for Field Day

My kids had field day yesterday. They love it. But my kids are at a Catholic school where they’re allowed to keep score and declare winners and all that eeeeevil stuff. This one school’s field day announcement is just so… Continue Reading →

Kid Bible Stories Gone (Awesomely) Bad!!

This cracked me up. *subhead*Crack up*subhead*

Breaking: Notre Dame Appoints Board Member Who Supports HHS Mandate

The University of Notre Dame, which sued the federal government over the HHS mandate, has just named a new member to its Board of Trustees who has publicly supported the same mandate and criticized the U.S. bishops’ opposition to it…. Continue Reading →

Atheists to Create Absolutely Redundant TV Station

The Atheist Department of Redundancy has vowed to create a television station dedicated to evangelizing atheism. Ha! Why would they waste their money on something so completely unnecessary? My atheist friends, I know you won’t likely take advice from a… Continue Reading →

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