Well, it’s a good thing the teachers didn’t try to pray with the kids because then that would be a fire-able offense.

Christian News:

The parents of three Connecticut girls have filed a lawsuit against their local school district, high school and several teachers over claims that their daughters were lured into a “bizarre” death cult without the family’s knowledge or consent.

“All three girls experienced sudden and severe personality changes,” the lawsuit, filed by the unidentified parents, states. “They became flat and distant, reclusive, secretive, and non-communicative.”

I love how the story makes it clear that the kids were lured into a bizarre death cult without the family’s consent. As if being lured into a bizarre death cult while having a permission slip signed would be ok.

It seems like the cult the parents are upset about is a New-Agey mysticism garbage kind of thing.

I couldn’t help but wonder though -don’t teachers lure students into a bizarre death cult every time they invite Planned Parenthood in to speak to students?