The Atheist Department of Redundancy has vowed to create a television station dedicated to evangelizing atheism. Ha! Why would they waste their money on something so completely unnecessary?

My atheist friends, I know you won’t likely take advice from a oogedy-boogedy believer like me but it seems to me that atheists already have a bunch of television networks.

Hey, remember when NBC cut the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in its leadup to coverage to the U.S. Open? Do you recall that ABC ran a show called “GCB” which stood for Good Christian You-Know-Whats? Remember when Saturday Night Live mocked Jesus Christ in a violent and bloody Quentin Tarantino parody – just three days after Ash Wednesday? Heck,even HGTV kicked the Benham brothers to the curb after it learned they were actual Christians. I’m not even going to go into MSNBC or The View.

I would venture to argue that there’s a lot more actively gay characters portrayed in prime time than church-goers.

But somehow some atheists think that the world is in desperate need of an atheist television network. In what world are they living? When was the last time you saw someone go to Church in a non-ironic way on a television show? Truthfully, when was the last time the Christian didn’t do it on any procedural crime drama?

I’m truly asking, what show currently on a major network wouldn’t fit in perfectly well on an atheist television network? Think about it.

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