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Month April 2016

Awesome: Bright Flash of Life Marks Moment When Human Life Begins. Scientists Seek to Exploit It

Scientists have captured on film the moment that a human sperm meets an egg. Guess what, there is a bright flash of light. Kinda’ cool, right? Here’s a picture of the moment from The Telegraph. Now you’d think something like… Continue Reading →

Woman Faked Cancer to Get State to Pay for Late-Term Abortion

Sickening. Just sickening. She was 22 weeks into her pregnancy. NY Post: An Arizona woman accused of faking a cancer diagnosis to get the state to pay for her late-term abortion was convicted of fraud and other charges Monday. Maricopa… Continue Reading →

Dude, No Money Can be Worth It

We’re all supposed to cheer because the very old former Senator from Pennsylvania, who had been married to a woman, is now marrying a man fifty years younger than he is. He wrote in the NY Times that he defies… Continue Reading →

You Believe This Guy? Obama Says Churches Shouldn’t Focus on Life and Marriage

I must be really stupid because Obama still surprises me as to how narcissistic he actually is. President MeMeMe is now lecturing the Church on what they should deem as important: Lifesitenews.com reports: Basing his comments on “my own Christian… Continue Reading →

Why is the US Suicide Rate Skyrocketing?

Something is wrong in our country. Very wrong. I think we all feel it and know it. My thirteen year old daughter noticed something the other day. We were stopped at a traffic light on the way to school and… Continue Reading →

Three Names You Need to Know if You’re Against the North Carolina Bathroom Bill

In the story by Kaeley Triller at The Federalist she mentions three names that the media isn’t talking about in regards to the bathroom bill. I did some quick searches and here’s what I found: NBC Los Angeles 2013: Charges… Continue Reading →

A Rape Survivor Talks About the North Carolina Bill

Must read from The Federalist. Hey, if we’re not going to make everyone happy we might want to focus on making everyone safe. Kaeley Triller writes: Let me be clear: I am not saying that transgender people are predators. Not… Continue Reading →

Trump Says Boys Can Use Girls’ Bathrooms and Shut Up About It

Donald Trump has probably got his own bathroom in the penthouse suite so he won’t have to be concerned about this but he feels that men should be able to use the little girl’s room. In fact, he’s kinda’ perturbed… Continue Reading →

Hall of Fame Pitcher Curt Schiiling Fired by ESPN for Believing Boys Should Use the Boys Room

“ESPN is an inclusive company,” said ESPN in a statement. “Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.” I love that. “Inclusive” means we’re firing someone because he believes something… Continue Reading →

University employee accused of hate crime for defending Catholic teaching

So a Catholic employee of the nominally Catholic and Jesuit Loyola Marymount University had a conversation about Catholic teaching with some LGBTQ students who were protesting something or other. When are they not, right? So they have a completely fine… Continue Reading →

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