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Month April 2016

New Documents Reveal Big Abortion Profits from Sale of Baby Body Parts

This is starting now. You can watch it livestream here. The great SBA List released the big news of the day: New documents released by the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives validate videos from David Daleiden and the… Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m Unemployed But I Identiy as Affluent. And Muscular.

Can we all admit, this “identify” thing is getting a little out of hand? This is what happens when we send our kids to college and allow the media to educate them about the world. You know, I’ve been dieting… Continue Reading →

State Dept: 23 Million Abortions Annually in China–More Than 63,000 a Day

Dear Lord have mercy. CNS News: The State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015 says that the number of abortions done annually in that Communist country is about 23 million. “The National Health Population and Family Planning… Continue Reading →

Why Don’t College Students Protest Racist History of Margaret Sanger

So why does Margaret Sanger get a pass? Kevin and Marilyn Ryan wrote in the Boston Pilot: Students want dorm names changed at Harvard, or President Calhoun’s name taken off buildings at Yale; Cecil Rhodes is no longer admired for… Continue Reading →

Uterus Transplants are “Supremely Risky”

*subhead*Try it first. See how the kids turn out later.*subhead* It was a first in the United States. A woman, only identified as Lindsey, received a uterus from a deceased woman. Lindsey was born without a uterus, and she was… Continue Reading →

ABC’s Once Upon a Time Has Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from Oz in Lesbian Romance

This is lunacy. What kind of sickos make Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz make out? We all know what this is, it’s indoctrination of your children. If your kids are watching the show Once… Continue Reading →

Marriage Helps Cancer Survivability Rates. Hey, Let’s Get Rid of It

Just in time for us to completely destroy marriage and family, it turns out that marriage actually helps men and women survive cancer. Data about the state of families in countries that have legalized gay marriage point to trends that… Continue Reading →

The Pope’s Smoking Gun Answer!!! Yes, Everything is Changed!!

To all those Catholics that have been desperately trying to maintain that nothing has changed as a result of the exhortation. The Pope just shot you in the back. You really shouldn’t have been standing there in the first place…. Continue Reading →

“The Joy of Love”: Truth in the Service of a Lie

So many people are spending time trying to dissect the various parts and paragraphs of Amoris Laetitia that they miss the big picture. IN my latest at the Remnant, I try to take a step back and see the lie… Continue Reading →

Marquette Demands Professor Apologize for Standing up for Student and Catholic Teaching

What’s happening at Marquette University is just lunacy right now. You’ve probably heard about it or read something but there’s a great detailed summary of it at Marquette Warrior. Here’s the way things seem to have gone down. A teacher… Continue Reading →

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