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Month April 2016

Court: Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster Not a Religion

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn’t real and it’s followers, who call themselves Pastafarians, are just kinda’ being jerks, a federal court in Nevada. (OK, the court didn’t say they were being jerks but hey I’m allowed some… Continue Reading →

Hey, Let’s Force Bryan Adams to Play North Carolina

Hey, how about we force Bryan Adams to play in Mississippi the same way he would have Christian bakers and florists forced to take part in same sex marriages? Bryan Adams, whom I always thought to be a bit of… Continue Reading →

Mom Fighting Cancer Gives Birth

Let’s make it a day with no bad news, shall we? A woman who got herself checked out due to headaches only because she was pregnant and learned she had brain cancer just gave birth. Let’s just say they owe… Continue Reading →

An Inspirational Man Passes Away

My friend Philip Hawley Jr., a medical missionary, posted this and sent it to me. These are the kinds of people that give me great hope. They are the true heroes even though most will have never heard of them…. Continue Reading →

Actual Headline: “The Bible Is Really Old, Handwriting Analysis Reveals”

Headline: “The Bible Is Really Old, Handwriting Analysis Reveals.” Thank goodness for analysts. This is an article from LiveScience. It turns out that that the Bible is actually really old. Who knew? LiveScience: Key parts of the Old Testament may… Continue Reading →

Good News/Bad News on Polygamy

So, in Utah, it seems that the ban on polygamy was upheld but polygamy is no longer being prosecuted. Got it? It’s illegal but mostly because it won’t be prosecuted. WaPo: A legal drama that doubled as reality TV fodder… Continue Reading →

Yikes. Chris Matthews Goes from Tingles to His…Uhm…Erogenous Zones

This gets awkward. Fast. Ick. Good for some point and laugh. HT Mediaite *subhead*Oh my.*subhead*

The Shameful Document

Well, it is here. The post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation is here. I spent hours going through it, but even that was not enough to read the entire thing as it comes in at almost 60,000 words including references and footnotes. Over… Continue Reading →

Amoris Laetitia Food For Thought

Amoris Laetitia has more words than the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke combined. Think about it. You’ll hear many things about papal doc tomorrow. Ask this simple question. Does it tend to lead people out of sin or confirm… Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Blesses Child Losing Sight

This is beautiful. A 5 year old girl with a rare disease which will likely result in visual and hearing loss was blessed by Pope Francis yesterday. GMA: The family, who is from Mansfield, Ohio, had traveled to Rome in… Continue Reading →

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