So, in Utah, it seems that the ban on polygamy was upheld but polygamy is no longer being prosecuted. Got it? It’s illegal but mostly because it won’t be prosecuted.


A legal drama that doubled as reality TV fodder took a turn in the Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit on Monday, as a ban on polygamy was restored in Utah.

The court ruling reversed a 2013 U.S. district court decision that determined the state violated polygamists’ right to privacy and religious freedom. While polygamy has essentially been decriminalized since that decision, this new ruling brings back a law prohibiting married people from living with additional partners even if they are not legally married to the other “spouses.” The appeals court acted not on the merits but on the grounds that the case was moot when the lower court decided it.

Previously, this provision had been struck down by a lawsuit from the Brown family at the center of “Sister Wives,” a TLC reality series.

While officials said the ban would become an issue only if other laws were broken in connection to polygamy (underage marriage or sexual assault, for instance), many of Utah’s approximately 30,000 polygamists were skeptical, the Associated Press reported.

Someone should tell law and order advocate Chris Matthews that something is illegal and nobody’s going to jail.

Y’know, I’m just kinda’ done with it. I’m taking bets. How long until judges legalize it and attempt to completely destroy marriage? We all know that’s where it’s going. Let’s just get there and have it out.