Just in time for us to completely destroy marriage and family, it turns out that marriage actually helps men and women survive cancer.

Data about the state of families in countries that have legalized gay marriage point to trends that make it apparent that it harms marriage and birth rates.

Christian Examiner:

Of those 18 developed nations, only two had birth rates at or above the level sufficient to sustain current populations, and all of them had downward spiraling marriage trends. Moreover, among the 14 of these states tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, only Denmark had a marriage rate higher than Japan, which is headed for a decline in population of about one-third by 2060 and two-thirds by 2110.

It’s a good thing we’re destroying it, huh?

Philly.com reports:

The idea of a “marriage advantage” to health and happiness has existed for well over 150 years, and still appears to persist when it comes to cancer.

For a pair of studies published Monday in the journal Cancer, researchers Scarlett Lin Gomez of the Cancer Prevention Institute of California and María Elena Martínez of the University of California-San Diego looked at records from about 800,000 American adults diagnosed in 2000 to 2009 with invasive cancer.

They sliced the data by income, race, insurance status, and other factors and found that unmarried cancer patients are suffering from higher death rates than their married counterparts. And men who were unmarried had a death rate that was 27 percent higher than those who were married. For unmarried women it was 19 percent higher. Gomez pointed to “social support as a key driver.”

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