What’s happening at Marquette University is just lunacy right now. You’ve probably heard about it or read something but there’s a great detailed summary of it at Marquette Warrior.

Here’s the way things seem to have gone down. A teacher essentially silenced a student who attempted to say in a class discussion that marriage was between one man and one woman. (Crazy, huh?) The teacher, a grad student, told him that view was homophobic. Mind you, Marquette is supposedly Catholic.

So, Professor John McAdams (a tenured professor, mind you), blogged about the incident at Marquette Warrior. Well, the university didn’t like being exposed like that. Not. At. All. Hey, THERE MUST BE A CONE OF SILENCE ON OUR PROHIBITION OF FREE SPEECH!!!!

So instead of the professor being disciplined for silencing a student, Prof. McAdams got suspended for his use of free speech. He can only be reinstated if he apologizes for being committed to free speech (and Catholic teaching) and promises to never be committed to free speech again.

Note: Parents don’t send your children to Marquette. It is not just not Catholic, it is opposed to Catholic teaching…and free speech it turns out.

Check out Marquette Warrior for more.

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