We’re all supposed to cheer because the very old former Senator from Pennsylvania, who had been married to a woman, is now marrying a man fifty years younger than he is. He wrote in the NY Times that he defies labels or something like that.

CBS News:

Nearly 20 years after the death of his wife, former U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford, D-Pennsylvania, penned a moving New York Times editorial Sunday, announcing his intention to marry a man 50 years his junior.

Wofford, 90, a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat who also served in President John F. Kennedy’s administration and worked with Martin Luther King, will be marrying Matthew Charlton, 40, at the end of the month.

“Too often, our society seeks to label people by pinning them on the wall — straight, gay or in between,” Wofford wrote of his upcoming marriage. “I don’t categorize myself based on the gender of those I love. I had a half-century of marriage with a wonderful woman, and now am lucky for a second time to have found happiness.”

If he was marrying a woman the media would be snickering about the woman being a gold digger. But because it’s a man, it’s all just wonderful

Dude, a 90 year old man? No amount of money…None.