So a Catholic employee of the nominally Catholic and Jesuit Loyola Marymount University had a conversation about Catholic teaching with some LGBTQ students who were protesting something or other. When are they not, right? So they have a completely fine conversation and they all end up shaking hands when it was done.

She thought it was a “good dialogue of ideas and opinions.” But then she was surprised to find herself suspended after an article appeared about the “incident” in the student newspaper.

California Catholic Daily has the college newspaper story which says:

According to the original statement, seen above, Blaton, Carleo and Ibarra attempted to replaced the signs, an employee from the Alumni Services office, whose name has not yet been made available to the public, allegedly engaged the students in a conversation about LGBT issues and voiced her opinions on different sexualities, expressing that anti-LGBT signs should be put up in place of the students signs, according to Carleo. The employee referred to one of the students as a man, even though that student had informed the employee that they identify as gender neutral.

“I am a member of BIRT [Bias Incident Response Team], which is convening first thing tomorrow morning to discuss it further. I am not currently aware of the facts or whether an investigation has started,” said John Kiralla, the executive director of marketing and communications. “The University stands behind its statement of non-discrimination, which prohibits unwelcome, harassing conduct on the basis of several classifications, including gender identity and sexual orientation.”

The Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) met and released a statement on April 15, notifying the LMU community that BIRT along with Public Safety and the Los Angeles Police Department are looking into the events of April 14 as reported by the three students.

“I’ve really only experienced love and acceptance upon coming out to new people. But this lady told me that I was wrong and unnatural. That shook me to my core,” Carleo said.

So now she’s suspended because she didn’t shower love and acceptance on every decision these girls ever made.

Why doesn’t LMU just say they’re not Catholic and be done with it. And the thing is that so many of these “Catholic” colleges and universities aren’t just not Catholic, they’re anti-Catholic.

California Catholic Daily has a lot more.