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Month December 2016

If Cyber Security is So Important, Why Wasn’t Anything Done the Past 8 Years?

So the Obama administration had 8 years to do something about cybersecurity. But little was done. But you see, that was when it just put our nation at risk. But now it’s putting the Democrats electoral chances at risk! So… Continue Reading →

#CatholicShoutout on Kevin James’ New Show

Hey, a shout out to going to Mass on Christmas morning on Kevin James’ show “Kevin Can Wait.” In the show, Kevin, the lead character, was going over what they did on Christmas and the first thing he mentioned was… Continue Reading →

Oy. Seminarians Must Learn About Climate Change

I think a course on all the ways religious liberty is being threatened or how Christians are being martyred all over the globe might be more relevant. Confessionals are empty, mass attendance is down, belief in basic teachings of the… Continue Reading →

Terminally Ill 5 Year Old Dies in Santa’s Arms

Oh my. This is a tough story. Fox News: A 60-year-old Tennessee man who spends time volunteering as Santa Claus at a local hospital granted a 5-year-old terminally ill boy his final wish this holiday season, and held him as… Continue Reading →

Ivy League Students Remove Shakespeare Portrait from English Department

They took down a Shakespeare portrait and added some feminist African writer because…diversity. Uhm, wouldn’t “diversity” be better served by just adding a portrait, rather than pulling Shakespeare off the wall? Campus Reform: Students at the University of Pennsylvania removed… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Human Rights Day Proclamation Mentions LGBT, Not Christians

President Barack Obama’s Presidential Proclamation for Human Rights Day gives out shout-out to LGBT but fails to mention Christians, who are being persecuted, hunted, and murdered all across the globe. History ultimately moves in the direction of justice and inclusion,… Continue Reading →

Hottest Book This Christmas! Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage

Perfect Christmas gift, folks. Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage. Religious liberty is in peril in this country. We all know it. And now is the time when we all need to look to Christians who are willing… Continue Reading →

NY Times Executive Editor: We Don’t Get Religion

No kidding? NPR: I want to make sure that we are much more creative about beats out in the country so that we understand that anger and disconnectedness that people feel. And I think I use religion as an example… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame’s Fr. Jenkins Might Not Invite Trump. Surprising No One.

What happened to the need for dialogue? Or was that just a cover? Notre Dame may not invite President Trump to campus but honored pro-abortion President Obama In surprising comments reported by┬áThe Observer, Father John Jenkins, president of the University… Continue Reading →

Heh. Brian Williams Warns About Fake News. #hypocrisy

This is just too funny. MSNBC’s Brian Williams who was fired from actual NBC for FAKE NEWS is now warning MSNBC viewers about fake news – y’know the conservative kind which is like totally eeeeevil or something because it’s not… Continue Reading →

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