President Barack Obama’s Presidential Proclamation for Human Rights Day gives out shout-out to LGBT but fails to mention Christians, who are being persecuted, hunted, and murdered all across the globe.

History ultimately moves in the direction of justice and inclusion, but despite the great progress we have made, unprecedented and rapid change has posed great challenges. It is our collective duty to continue striving for a world where nobody is left behind, forgotten, or mistreated, and where all nations recognize that societies that draw on the contributions of every citizen are stronger. Far too many people around the world are still denied their human rights and fundamental freedoms, and we must work to end the discrimination that is too often felt by LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, immigrants, women and girls of all ages, and members of religious, ethnic, and other minorities. And we must strengthen our ongoing efforts to rid the world of violence, oppression, and hatred.

I truly believe that he failed to mention Christians because he has a knee jerk reaction to Christians and can only see them as oppressors and not victims of oppression.

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