This is just too funny. MSNBC’s Brian Williams who was fired from actual NBC for FAKE NEWS is now warning MSNBC viewers about fake news – y’know the conservative kind which is like totally eeeeevil or something because it’s not liberal and all.

I’ve got to wonder if when he was told he had to read this story off the teleprompter, did some human part of him somewhere down deep feel a sense of shame even for a moment. Did he ask if maybe some reporter could deliver this story, y’know one that hadn’t lost all credibility. Oh wait, this is MSNBC. There are no reporters there with credibility.

Here’s Brian Williams warning the folks about fake news.

When liberal newscasters warn about fake news they’re just upset that you’re not listening to their fake news.

After delivering this news, Brian Williams donned a cape and flew up the sky to prevent a meteor from striking New York City. At least that’s what he said.

HT Washington Examiner