I think a course on all the ways religious liberty is being threatened or how Christians are being martyred all over the globe might be more relevant. Confessionals are empty, mass attendance is down, belief in basic teachings of the Church are misunderstood willfully and otherwise. Yet we’re going to focus on global warming?

If you ask me, the Church should not be getting behind unproven theories.

The Daily Caller:

Roman Catholic pontiff Pope Francis has quietly embraced human-engineered climate change in a series of studies and announcements, culminating in a new papal order last week that makes it a mandatory subject for all priests in seminary.

In a statement that was little noticed by the establishment media — but heralded by a prominent Catholic website over the weekend — the pontiff issued “new guidelines” for educating priests: while “reaffirming the requirement that seminarians study Catholic social teaching, the document says the education must include a study of climate change and other environmental threats.”