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Month January 2017

Abortion Only. No Prenatal Care at Planned Parenthood

Live Action’s newest video is groundbreaking. There’s only one way Planned Parenthood deals with babies. They “take care” of them. *subhead*Abortion.*subhead*

Trump Kills Abortion Money to International Groups, Possibly UNFPA

Donald Trump has reinstated a ban on providing money to international groups that perform or “promote” abortions. So, I couldn’t help but wonder if that shouldn’t mean we don’t give taxpayer money to the United Nations since they clearly promote… Continue Reading →

Minnie Mouse Arrested for Pick Pocketing

You just can’t trust anyone anymore. MetroUK: Police in Madrid said they had detained two pickpockets who used Minnie Mouse disguises to steal from unsuspecting people they posed for photos with in the city’s famous Puerta del Sol. Woman ‘gang-raped… Continue Reading →

Video: Catholic Sisters in Women’s March

Oy. Confusing Catholics since Vatican II. A number of Catholic sisters attended the pro-abortion Women’s March yesterday. As they talk about issues why they’re there women holding pro-abortion signs are shown on screen unironically. *subhead*pro-abortion.*subhead*

6 Famous Women Who Wouldn’t Be Allowed to March

What do Mary Wollstonecraft, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Dorothy Day have in common? Organizers of the Women’s March decided to remove the pro-life group, New Wave Feminists, from their partnership page. In order to ensure there would be no misunderstanding,… Continue Reading →

A Few Things Happened Today

One of the most important things that happened today was that Hillary Clinton did not become president. Can we all just take a moment to thank God for that? She truly would’ve been a disaster for religious liberty. Disaster. President… Continue Reading →

Scottish Catholics Pelted with Eggs as They Go to Mass

This, sadly, is not surprising. This is what happens when you make faith a punchline and mock Christians as stupid. Once you “otherize” a group, it becomes very easy to see them as contemptible and worthy of violence. BBC: A… Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Union Says Betsy Devos is Scarier than the KKK

Speaking at an event organized to oppose President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda in Washington, D.C. Thursday, American Federation of Teachers President Elizabeth “Liz” Davis said that Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, is more frightening than the Ku Klux… Continue Reading →

WaPo Mocks Agriculture Nominee for Being a Christian

This is disgusting. Hey media, wanna’ know why we don’t trust you to be objective? Things like this. This is just a needless knock. So condescending. Mollie Hemingway writes: The beauty of this headline/social media hit on Perdue is that… Continue Reading →

Nearly 1 Million Christians Killed in Last Decade

Silent genocide. Fox News: Over 900,000 Christians have been martyred in the last 10 years, a Christian research firm affiliated with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts estimates. Gordon-Conwell’s Center for the Study of Global Christianity recently released its annual report… Continue Reading →

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