Donald Trump has reinstated a ban on providing money to international groups that perform or “promote” abortions. So, I couldn’t help but wonder if that shouldn’t mean we don’t give taxpayer money to the United Nations since they clearly promote abortion? I put that on Facebook earlier to be snarky but lo and behold, there’s some actual reality to it.

The SBA List points out:

President Trump has directed the Secretary of State to ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars do not support organizations that support or participate in the management of a coercive abortion program. An example of this would be the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has a long history of supporting the Chinese population control program, which has included forced abortions.

“Not only has President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, he’s modernized it by applying it to all foreign health assistance programs,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “For nearly a decade under President Obama, Americans have funded UNFPA, which has a long history of involvement in China’s brutal birth limitation policy – enforcement of which routinely includes the atrocity of forced abortions. Thanks to President Trump, the Secretary of State is directed to ensure Americans are no longer complicit in violating the dignity of women and children overseas. No longer will abortion be a top U.S. export.”

That’s pretty amazing news. Best news we’ve had in a while.

Look, I know there’s going to be some things that Trump is going to disappoint me on and possibly even horrify me. But this is a good thing. We should celebrate it.