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Month July 2017

“Christian Values” is a Dog Whistle, Says Former DNC Communications Director

Soooo…any mention of Christianity is now a “dog whistle?” The Daily Caller: Tucker Carlson became so baffled by former DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse during a Monday interview he stopped the guest with one short question. “What the hell are… Continue Reading →

Charlie Gard’s Parents have 48 hours to prove untested, experimental technique works

Charlie Gard must die. That’s where we’re at right now. Secularists have placed the sick child in their crosshairs. And now a judge is telling the child’s parents that they have 48 hours to prove that an untested experimental technique… Continue Reading →

Republicans to Intro Bill to Protect Charlie Gard

I wonder if Democrats will just vote against it just because they vote for dead babies out of reflex. 2 House Members to Introduce Legislation to Help UK’s Charlie Gard The Daily Signal: Lawmakers plan to introduce legislation to grant… Continue Reading →

Unlikely Duo Saved Charlie Gard’s Life

It’s like a buddy cop movie. They hated each other but they’re forced to work with each other and THEY GET THE JOB DONE! NBC News: The mother of a terminally ill baby has said her son still has a… Continue Reading →

Defunding Planned Parenthood Mixed up with Obamacare

At this point I’ve accepted that our healthcare system is going to be completely screwed up for many many years to come. And I’ve also accepted that many Republicans are spineless and only care about staying in power. My regret… Continue Reading →

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