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Month July 2017

Hawaii Pro-Lifers Push Back Against Being Forced to Refer for Abortions

A number of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers filed a lawsuit to challenge the state of Hawaii’s new law that seeks to force pro-life pregnancy centers to refer abortions. Seriously. Free speech today means you are free to say what we… Continue Reading →

DC allows doctors to prescribe life-ending medications

DC is now allowing doctors to prescribe life-ending medications. What a waste. The doctor should just tell patients interested in death to just take a walk at night through DC. It’ll have the same effect. WTOP: Doctors and pharmacies in… Continue Reading →

Charlie Gard’s Court Appointed Lawyer Heads Assisted Suicide Charity

Wow. Anyone else starting to feel the deck is stacked? The Telegraph: Charlie Gard’s parents have privately expressed their concern after discovering that the lawyer appointed to represent their 11-month-old son in court heads a charity that backs assisted dying. … Continue Reading →

No Judging and Turning Over Tables

Now that I’ve been on Facebook for a while I think I can safely say that the most judgmental people in the world are the people who keep telling me not to judge. On the other end of the spectrum,… Continue Reading →

Ugh. Kamala Harris Devotional Candle

The radically pro-abortion Kamala Harris is becoming the new liberal favorite because she’s so anti-Christian and so pro-abortion that she makes Nancy Pelosi look almost sane. (Well, not really but almost!) She’s been meeting with Hillary’s donors recently as a… Continue Reading →

ABC Political Analyst Says Something So Stupid About Christianity it could Only Come from an ABC Analyst

Matthew Dowd, the former GOP Political consultant who turned into an ABC political analyst, just tweeted out what is perhaps the stupidest tweet I’ve ever seen. You ready for it? I am Catholic. Being Christian is a state of being…. Continue Reading →

This Charlie Gard Development Feels Like a Headfake, Right?

So the “good news” is that the judge in the Charlie Gard case has appointed a doctor to come in and assess whether baby Charlie should die or not. This is receiving cheers from some. Not from me. An American… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Believe the Left About Margaret Sanger

Truth be told, I’d kinda’ accepted the lie that Margaret Sanger speechified to the KKK. I think I mentioned it once a long time ago and received a number of emails and comments. And then I saw it mentioned somewhere… Continue Reading →

This Doesn’t Sound Good. Charlie Gard’s Parents Storm Out of Court

The problem is that the court sees its job as deciding what’s in the best interests of the child, and the parent’s decision making power holds very little sway on them. MSN: The parents of a baby with a rare… Continue Reading →

Catholic Education Report Card: Growing interest in Catholic classical education

Classical Catholic education on the rise Jay Boren, headmaster of St. Benedict Elementary in Natick, Mass., writes in First Things of the growing appeal of a Christ-centered classical Catholic education. “Though the classical curriculum is a distinguishing marker for a… Continue Reading →

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