DC is now allowing doctors to prescribe life-ending medications. What a waste. The doctor should just tell patients interested in death to just take a walk at night through DC. It’ll have the same effect.


Doctors and pharmacies in the nation’s capital are now allowed to prescribe life-ending medications to terminally ill patients.

The Death with Dignity Act of 2016 became law with the signature of Mayor Muriel Bowser in December of 2016. Now the Bowser administration has announced the implementation of the law in the District.

The city said the law allows terminally ill D.C. residents over the age of 18 to legally obtain a physician’s prescription for medications to end their lives in a humane and peaceful manner.

For a person to elect to end his life legally in the District, the individual must work with doctors and pharmacies licensed in D.C. that are willing to prescribe and dispense the lethal medications.

For doctors and pharmacies, participating in the Death with Dignity program is voluntary.

It’s voluntary. For now. Someday soon, the question will be asked, why should a Christian doctor or pharmacist have the right to make someone suffer when they’re simply seeking an end to the pain!!!

I must admit, it’s a worrisome trend that most liberal core beliefs have to do with death and how to make people that way.