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Month November 2021

Disappointing. Catholic University of America Celebrates Painting of George Floyd as Jesus Christ.

This makes that inner feeling that “all is lost” gain some prominence. Daily Signal: Paintings depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ hang in both The Catholic University of America‚Äôs campus ministry office and its law school, The Daily Signal has… Continue Reading →

Abp. Salvatore Cordileone Has Some Strong Words for Catholic School Students Who Walked Out on Pro-Life Assembly.

Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, which is administered by the Society of Mary, hosted an all-school assembly Oct. 22 featuring pro-life speaker Megan Almon and a large majority of the students walked out in protest. Shortly after, Archbishop… Continue Reading →

NY Times Buries Waukesha Massacre Story on Page 22.

All the news that fits the narrative. All others get page 22. What they can’t spin they ignore. Democracy dies in darkness. Indeed. We’re also seeing this narrative form out of nothing that the driver may not have done this… Continue Reading →

Hate Begets Fear Begets Hate

The mainstream media’s constant propaganda along with the education system’s constant refrain about systemic racism and white guilt ends predictably with violence. Just yesterday, CNN ran this story: This sort of racial madness begets fears which begets hatred. This must… Continue Reading →

College Dems Eating Their Own in the Most Epic and Hilarious Way. DNC Runs!!!

Well, it’s official. Republicans on college campuses are so scarce that the College Democrats are now forced to resort to eating their own with deliciously outlandish accusations of Islamaphobia, anti-semitism and pretty much every awful slur they used to tag… Continue Reading →

Every US State Falls Below Replacement Birth Rate. See Where Your State Falls.

The number of babies born in the U.S. dropped by 4% in 2020 compared with the previous year. The U.S. total fertility rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and has consistently been below replacement since 2007. If any… Continue Reading →

This Present Darkness and The Return of Christianity

Do not be afraid. We’ve been here before. Christians have been fed to lions. We’ve been martyred on crosses and beheaded on beaches. Some nasty headlines don’t begin to make us cower. Our feckless leaders huddling in cowardice in fear… Continue Reading →

USCCB is Still USCCB. Goes Soft on Pro-Choice Catholic Pols.

In the least surprising thing that happened today, the USCCB went full USCCB by USCCBing in their latest USCCB document. Here’s all you need to know. The initial conversation was battled over but the final measure passed with a vote… Continue Reading →

Closing in for the Kill. HHS Memo Reveals Move to Undo Trump-era Religious Liberty Protections.

In case you missed a memo, they hate you. Fox News: The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) is considering revoking authority the former Trump administration delegated for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to prevent violations of religious liberty… Continue Reading →

Biden’s Build Back Better to Exclude Religious Pre-Schools?

The New York Times, a former newspaper, reported that Catholic and Orthodox Jewish groups are urging changes in President Biden’s proposed Build Back Better Act that discriminate against religious organizations. In the current language of the bill is language which… Continue Reading →

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