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Keep Your Laws off My Symptom

Everyone knows that rationing will occur under ObamaCare. It’s inevitable. The country simply can’t afford the government to take this on without at some point saying refusing certain treatments. Stories of rationing have come from all over Canada and England…. Continue Reading →

Media Schizophrenia

What a world we live in where the media doesn’t even know what to call the unborn. Check out the headlines at a local newspaper called the Bennington Banner: Unborn children are killed in head-on Route 7 crash. But the… Continue Reading →

Babies Will Be the Death of Us All

Babies are the problem. And American babies are the worst. As if liberals weren’t doing enough to limit the number of babies, now a new study is saying that babies may just be the death of us all doe to… Continue Reading →

Having Children Is Not Only About You

This is kind of touchy. A woman died leaving behind two toddlers. And I am sorry about that. But there’s more to the story that, I think, highlights a profound misunderstanding in our culture. The woman who died at 69… Continue Reading →

The ‘Blob of Tissue’ Era is Officially Over

You know how us Christian types are always trying to shut down science. (Insert evil laugh here) So why is it that we’re the ones always embracing new technology and scientific breakthroughs when it comes to babies in the womb…. Continue Reading →

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