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You Just Bought Planned Parenthood Some Sweet Digs

In the past decade, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has received anywhere from $657 million to $2 billion from the federal government. The government is so inefficient and so willing to throw money at Planned Parenthood they can’t even figure out… Continue Reading →

Wanna’ Know Why Planned Parenthood Wants Taxpayer Funding

Any time a state seeks to defund Planned Parenthood, the White House absolutely freaks and threatens to remove Medicaid funding to the state’s poor unless they pony up to Big Abortion. Obviously, Big Abortion needs the money. But according to… Continue Reading →

From Planned Parenthood to Catholicism, a Conversion Story

The room in the back of the clinic was quiet but Catherine’s mind was screaming. There was a baby in a jar. Arms. Leg. Fingers! There was a baby in a jar! She knew she had to get out of… Continue Reading →

SBA-List Calls on Planned Parenthood to Renounce Eugenecist Sanger

I always get a kick out of how the Susan B. Anthony List folks love messing with Planned Parenthood. I really do. You know why? Because somebody’s gotta’ do it. And they do it well. I’m pretty sure that when… Continue Reading →

Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood

This is the best news I’ve had all day. LifeNews.com reports: A Congressional committee has taken the first steps in investigating the Planned Parenthood abortion business over abuses ranging from financial disparities to its compliance with federal regulations on taxpayer… Continue Reading →

Nancy: Cutting Abortion Funding a “Horror”

Nancy Pelosi was asked by CNS what she would do if Republicans who voted against the continuing resolution this morning were angling again to remove funding from Planned Parenthood. And our favorite Catholic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said: “Let’s hope that… Continue Reading →

Obama Hopelessly Devoted to Big Abortion

The Susan B. Anthony List made this video that really sums up perfectly the relationship between Planned Parenthood and President Obama. Check out the facts at SBA-List. It’s pretty damning to see it all at once.

Dear Mz. Sanger, You Did It!!

Dear Mz. Sanger,You did it. Your every racist eugenic fantasy has come true. Jennie Stone of Live Action wrote a piece today detailing how Planned Parenthood founder wasn’t truly “pro-choice.” Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is often hailed… Continue Reading →

A Horrifying Glimpse into the Minds of Planned Parenthood Advocates?

This is a horrifying glimpse into the thoughts of Planned Parenthood advocates. Warning: Some awful language used to deliver poorly thought out cliches with a nasty sneer. Dave Blount of Moonbattery wrote: If their point of view can be mainstreamed,… Continue Reading →

Let’s Unionize Planned Parenthood!!!

Conservatives for years have dreamed of defunding the biggest abortion provider in the country. Lila Rose and the Live Action gang has done several videos showing them to be a corrupt organization that covers up rape. The SBA-List has campaigned… Continue Reading →

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