I always get a kick out of how the Susan B. Anthony List folks love messing with Planned Parenthood. I really do. You know why? Because somebody’s gotta’ do it.

And they do it well. I’m pretty sure that when Cecile Richards wakes up from nightmares the names screeching out of her twisted lying mouth are Lila Rose and Marjorie Dannenfelser.

Today, the SBA-List is doing their part in reminding everyone that Planned Parentood is a racist eugenic organization that honors its racist eugenic history.

The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) this week sent a letter to Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s President Cecile Richards demanding the organization scrap its annual award named after its founder, Margaret Sanger. The organization recently distanced itself from Sanger after Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain criticized her support for “planned genocide” of African-Americans.

In the letter, SBA List charges that Planned Parenthood hasn’t gone nearly far enough in denouncing Sanger’s abhorrent views, and although their organizations might “diverge in mission,” calls on Planned Parenthood to “officially bring to an end any further glorification of Margaret Sanger.”

But Planned Parenthood could no sooner renounce Sanger than Obama could Jeremiah Wright. Oh wait. Bad example. But the truth is that Sanger was committed to killing the unborn, especially those pesky minorities. And hey, oddly enough the abortion rate among African Americans is pretty darn high. Who’d a thunk it, huh?

So, far from renouncing their racist eugenic past, they’re embracing it. All the way to the bank. Kudos to the SBA-List for bringing this up.