My wife was out tonight so dinner was up to me. Now what do kids like better than breakfast for dinner?

So I baked up a nice pumpkin yeast bread from scratch that I have been making lately. Have I ever told you that I am a bread guy? I make most of our bread from scratch. My favorite are these sourdough sandwich rolls (I have kept my sourdough starter alive for 2 years) which I use for everything. Eggs sammiches. Fried Chicken sammiches. You name it. Yum. Anyway, my pumpkin yeast bread, I frequently use it as sandwich bread as it goes great with Turkey, cranberry, and mayo. But it also makes awesome french toast.

I sliced the bread about 3/4″ thick and soaked in the egg mixture, browned them up, and onto a baking sheet to go into the oven for a few minutes.

In the meantime, I caramelized some apples with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Plated with some powdered sugar and maple syrup.

Also served with bacon. (not pictured)

Daddy rocks!

Recipe Update:

My Pumpkin Yeast Bread is a modified version of the bread recipe found at King Arthur Flour.

In my recipe, I uses a little more pumpkin, and a little more brown sugar. I reserve a little of the flour to incorporate into the dough as I am kneading. I usually start kneading in the stand mixer but always finish by hand so I can make sure it is right. You can also replace the spices with pumpkin pie spice depending on what you have in your spice rack. I have also made a sourdough version of the same, also yummy.