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Would You Cut Down The Hitler Tree?

Two truisms: 1) Trees are nice and you shouldn’t cut down trees all willy-nilly like. 2) Hitler was bad. I mean really bad. Like Lex Luthor x 100. But what if these two truisms collide in a confluence of circumstances… Continue Reading →

Ecclesiastical Dandelions? Krakow Surprises

I had the good fortune to spend a few days in Krakow last week. Leave your presumptions about Soviet-era high rises at the door. The entire city of Krakow is on the U.N.’s World Heritage List, filled with beautiful churches… Continue Reading →

Get With It (Homosexual Agenda) Or Get Out

CWN reports that Spanish homosexual activist and Socialist parliamentarian, Pedro Zerolo, want Poland to get the boot from th EU if it passes legislation banning homosexual propaganda in public schools. From Lifesite: The legislation is..intended to protect the rights of… Continue Reading →

How The Polish Saved Civilization

Back in the ’90s, Thomas Cahill wrote an excellent book titled “How The Irish Saved Civilization.” The book documents how, when civilization might have been lost at the demise of the Roman empire, Irish monks and scribes saved the very… Continue Reading →

Profile in Christian Courage

Anna Radosz,27, should always be remembered as a hero who put the life of her unborn child ahead of her own. Diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of skin cancer while she was pregnant, Radosz declined to take her child’s… Continue Reading →

Europe on the Express Bus Into the Twilight

The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning Poland for common sense. The crime? See C-FAM: The EU resolution condemned the Polish government and criticized the Polish Prime Minister for saying that ‚Äúpromoting a homosexual lifestyle to young people in… Continue Reading →

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