The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning Poland for common sense. The crime? See C-FAM:

The EU resolution condemned the Polish government and criticized the Polish Prime Minister for saying that “promoting a homosexual lifestyle to young people in school as an alternative to normal life goes too far, and that these kinds of initiatives in schools have to be stopped.” The Parliament asserts that this viewpoint and any implementing legislation are a violation of European human rights law.

It is not enough to try and insure that all people are treated according to their inherent human dignity, a dignity that only exists because we are all created in the image and likeness of the Creator, for that is not the real agenda. No, we need to promote a sinful agenda if we are ever to do away with the concept of sin. The concept of sin is the problem and every progressive in Brussels knows it. The backward Poles simply refuse to get on the express bus to European twilight.

Poland is the last bastion of common sense in Europe and the heart of the Creative Minority. I hope it stays that way.