CWN reports that Spanish homosexual activist and Socialist parliamentarian, Pedro Zerolo, want Poland to get the boot from th EU if it passes legislation banning homosexual propaganda in public schools.

From Lifesite:

The legislation is..intended to protect the rights of parents to “bring up their children according to their chosen value system.”

“The homosexual agenda is a threat to that freedom,” explained party spokesman Krzysztof Bosak. “[I]n Poland homosexual activists have tried to distribute very obscene leaflets to school children. This needs to be stopped, for the sake of our children, their safety and freedom from this kind of harassment.”

Zerolo’s demand for Poland to get tossed from the EU may seem silly, and it is. But do not be surprised if the others in the EU call for serious sanctions against Poland in the future if they continue to display common sense and thus stray from the secularist party line.