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The Ballad of Macho Tacos and the Death of the American Dream

What starts out as a great story about a young college student trying to live the American Dream just became a cautionary tale for our time. You ready? A student at West Hills College Lemoore wanted to put a little… Continue Reading →

Greatest and Worst UK Story Ever

Sorry UK. It’s all over. Either emigrate out of there or be assimilated into the stale horrific world of rampant political correctness. This is amazing. And by amazing I mean sad yet completely predictable. A pub singer named Simon Ledger… Continue Reading →

Something Stinks in Nevada

Something stinks in Nevada. And it’s not just Harry Reid. The Blaze reports: A group of legislators in Nevada are proposing a bill that would ban air fresheners and candles in public places because, they say, the fragrances can annoy… Continue Reading →

Most Unintentionally Funny Piece of the Day

I try not to read the New York Times mainly because I like it when my ears don’t bleed and I’m not running around the house pulling my hair out. But I saw this piece linked up on Big Hollywood… Continue Reading →

President Sends Out Religious Christmas Card!!!!! Gasp!

The White House’s Christian Christmas Card seems to be offensive to The View’s Barbara Walters. Can you believe the President sent out a Christian card concerning celebrating a Christian holiday? Gasp! Walters fretted about the Christmas card she recently received… Continue Reading →

Political Correctness Run Amok

J. Michael Bailey crossed the wrong people. He wrote a book that a certain segment of the population didn’t not like and they set out to destroy him. They nearly succeeded. This group spread lies about him, accused him of… Continue Reading →

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