J. Michael Bailey crossed the wrong people. He wrote a book that a certain segment of the population didn’t not like and they set out to destroy him. They nearly succeeded. This group spread lies about him, accused him of ethical and sexual misconduct, posted sexually explicit captions with photos of his children. This group was so vicious, so determined to destroy him that a major University was too scared to even defend one of their own. What group has the power to destroy a life like this? To make a man live in fear because of what he wrote? Is it the mafia? Is it radical Islamists? Is it even the Illuminati? No, it was a group much more powerful. The trans-gender lobby.

J. Michael Bailey published a book in which he argued that some people born male who want to cross genders are driven primarily by an erotic fascination with themselves as women. However this runs directly counter to the politically correct belief, held by many men who decide to live as women, that they are the victims of a biological mistake — they want to believe that they are women trapped in men’s bodies.

Scientists initially praised the book as a compelling explanation of the science but later ran from him when the trans-gender machine (who knew there was such a thing?) came after Bailey with all guns blazing. Led by Lynn Conway, a prominent computer scientist at the University of Michigan, initiated a campaign of slander and intimidation that left Bailey’s life in shambles. With myriad charges against him and the politically correct juggernaut out to destroy him, Bailey hoped that Northwestern University, where Bailey works, would defend his credibility. He was wrong. Northwestern did and said nothing.

When things seemed they couldn’t get worse, enter Dr. Dreger. Dreger is a longtime advocate for people born with ambiguous sexuality and a record of being strongly critical of sex researchers and thus presumed that Bailey is guilty as charged. However, Dreger took the unusual step of actually investigating the facts. Her conclusion? The accusations against the psychologist were essentially groundless. Dreger said “The bottom line is that they tried to ruin this guy, and they almost succeeded.”

Dreger’s report, due to be published next year in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, is now circulating online and the critics are already gearing up.

Watch out Dr. Dreger, you will likely be the next sacrifice of the trans-gender lobby to the god of political correctness.

Source: New York Times