What starts out as a great story about a young college student trying to live the American Dream just became a cautionary tale for our time.

You ready? A student at West Hills College Lemoore wanted to put a little extra scratch together so he decided to make and sell tacos on campus. Hey, good for him. Kid’s an entrepreneur, a go-getter. Good for him.

So he started making tacos and put out an ad campaign all over campus. He even came up with an ad campaign that was approved by the administration. His little slogan read, “You have to be macho to eat my taco.”

It turns out that some people who love to be offended announced they were offended by the slogan. They claimed to be offended because as one student said, “Eat my taco, kind of just sounds wrong.”

So enough people who like to complain complained and political correctness ruled the day and the school told our entrepreneur he could no longer use the logo.

KMPH reports:

Dean of Students Jose Lopez — who initially approved the flyer — later revoked it. “I read it all and to me it was fine but when I asked students what part of it here is offensive…I guess it just really came down to one word here.”

He said the phrase, “eat my taco,” is sexual.

The Dean suggested he change it to “eat a taco.”

So, because some weenies have their heads so firmly wedded to the gutter, our entrepreneur can’t sell his macho tacos. Now, to give some credit to the Dean, he said he would reimburse the entrepreneur for the costs.

But this is where the story takes a turn that makes it so awesomely worse and indicative of our time. When asked how he felt about this, our entrepreneur didn’t just take it on the chin. No, chins aren’t made for that anymore. Our hero seems to be paving the way for a lawsuit.

He was quoted in the news saying:

“I’ve been irreparably harmed by this because now that the administration pointed out what they deem this to mean, I’ll never be able to prepare or enjoy a taco again, because I’ll always have that perverse image in my mind.

Ha! How awesome is that? Irreparably harmed!?

Your Honor, my client will never be able to eat a taco again! Oh the tragedy that can only be solved by some mad cash. If this perverse image subjected into his mind also extends to burritos, hot dogs and other food groups this lawsuit could be worth a fortune.

You could say it’s political correctness run amok meets rampant litigiousness. But on the other hand, it’s kind of a happy ending. The campus gets to pat itself on the back for being sensitive and the kid ends up with some green in his pocket which was the initial goal. Unfortunately, it also spells doom for our country.

What a bunch of weenies! Oh wait, is that offensive?