Something stinks in Nevada. And it’s not just Harry Reid.

The Blaze reports:

A group of legislators in Nevada are proposing a bill that would ban air fresheners and candles in public places because, they say, the fragrances can annoy some. But Critics say the bill would lead to stinky rooms and prohibit priests from using candles in Mass.

Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley on Monday presented the proposed legislation, which would set restrictions on pesticides, fragrances and candles to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities.

So let me just get this right. Air fresheners and candles will be illegal but gambling and prostitution will remain perfectly fine. And what about those with sensitivities to going broke or catching STD’s? They don’t count. Oh wait, there’s money to be made from them. Now I understand.

And what if one of the prostitutes wants to create a little mood lighting with a candle or two because let’s face it I’m sure a few of them look better in candle light than with the lights on. Maybe that’s how this legislation should be fought. This legislation is harming ugly hookers most of all. Please have some sensitivity to ugly hookers, fight this legislation.