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Worst PSA Ever: Bristol Palin and The Situation

This is painful. They should be required to run an anti-suicide PSA every time they show this. I’m all for Bristol getting the word out on abstinence but there’s got to be a better way than this: HT Liberty Juice

Did Bristol Palin Go A Little Too Far?

For Bristol Palin, a teen mother who has publicly endorsed a “pause before your play” kind of abstinence, maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Look, I understand the Rumba is supposed to be a sexy dance and all but ripping… Continue Reading →

MTV: Abortion Reality Show?

MTV in the UK has tweeted for young girls considering abortion to contact MTV, likely for episodes of a reality show. The New Current reports: So MTV is looking for 16-24 year olds who might be considering abortion and want… Continue Reading →

Reality Show Abortions

Feminists want a little more reality. But only a little. You might know the MTV show “16 and Pregnant,” which to its credit does show that getting pregnant isn’t all that great as an unmarried teen. But the show is… Continue Reading →

The Upside of “Bump”

I’ve read about the outrage over the new faux web reality show “Bump” where viewers vote to decide whether a fake pregnant cast member gets a fake abortion. Is it vile? Sure. Crude? Yup. Dehumanizing and tasteless? Abso-freaking-lutely. But I… Continue Reading →

Dancing with the Czars

In what is sure to become a weekly viewing tradition for Americans, ABC announces its newest can’t-miss reality show starring President Obama’s 17 Czars. Dancing with the Czars! will introduce America to a motley groups of Latinos, blacks, women, homosexuals… Continue Reading →

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