MTV in the UK has tweeted for young girls considering abortion to contact MTV, likely for episodes of a reality show.

The New Current reports:

So MTV is looking for 16-24 year olds who might be considering abortion and want to share their experience with the world! Their Tweet was as follows:

mtvuk Are you pregnant, 16-24 and considering an abortion? Are you willing to share your experience? Contact in confidence

I’m guessing that the success of the MTV show 16& Pregnant (which has now been picked up by LivingTV) has led to the producers wanting to take this type of reality show to the next level.

A number of liberal feminists (is that redundant?) have argued recently that in the reality show “16 and Pregnant” that there’s not enough abortion.

This could be what they’ve been asking for.

The only thing I’ll say to them is be careful what you wish for. Remember, the leaders of the abortion movement are doing everything they can to keep this procedure in the dark. They don’t want ultrasounds. They don’t want crisis pregnancy centers talking about it. They don’t want protestors near their buildings. They don’t want pro-lifers to be able to air pro-life ads. (Remember the Tebow ad kerfuffle?) Pro-aborts have actually had great success enforcing a ban on shining a light on abortion.

It would be rather ironic if MTV were the ones to help expose what abortion really is, wouldn’t it?