I’ve read about the outrage over the new faux web reality show “Bump” where viewers vote to decide whether a fake pregnant cast member gets a fake abortion.

Is it vile? Sure. Crude? Yup. Dehumanizing and tasteless? Abso-freaking-lutely.

But I say keep it comin.’ I’m not going to watch it but I’m cool with it. I’m more than cool with it. I say, let’s start season two immediately.

Here’s the thing. Very real abortions are procured for much more fatuous reasons than viewer votes on a game show. To many progressives, abortion just isn’t that big of a deal. And that’s going on in real life, never mind in a reality game show.

Anyone who hears about this show with any dab of moral sense will be outraged and maybe they’ll consider that maybe life is a tad too precious to be decided by a game show. Maybe they’ll consider that life is a tad too precious to discard for any reason.

Right now, abortion as a cultural conversation is barely a whisper. Pam Tebow wants to tell people she chose life and there’s outrage. People are simply not allowed to discusss abortion in America. When someone holds up a sign of a dismembered fetus in front of an abortion clinic people are outraged at the man holding the sign while ignoring the fact that abortionists are actually pulling apart real babies just inside the building. America is experiencing a silent holocaust. And let’s face it, silence only helps the status quo. Darkness is the friend of the oppressor.

I’ll accept just about anything to stop the cultural blackout we have on all things abortion. For too long abortion as a topic has been outside the realm of public conversation. You’re simply not allowed to discuss it. At once, pro-aborts say there’s nothing wrong with abortion and then they say it’s too controversial to discuss. Well, which is it?

As far as I’m concerned, the more shows like “Bump” the better. Make people confront the horror of abortion. And if this was one step too far I’m begging them to take two. Pro-aborts are outing themselves as fiendishly opposed to Tim Tebow’s commercial and they’re outing themselves with idiocy such as this show.

Give ’em their game show. Let’s have it out. In public. Because i know if abortion is talked about, we win.