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Controlling Human Genetic Engineering Part 2

Rebecca Taylor is guest blogging here this month. Rebecca is a Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP) and a practicing Catholic. She has been writing and speaking about Catholicism and biotechnology for five years at her blog Mary Meets Dolly. This… Continue Reading →

So Rubio Would be Barabbas?

Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank wrote on Sunday about the race between Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. He wrote:“The crucifixion of Crist by Republican leaders says less about him than it does about the party.” I love when lib… Continue Reading →

Dawkins is Science, Collins is Religion

So I escaped my home for a few hours on Saturday by chloroforming my wife and stapling the children to the carpet and I made my way to Barnes and Noble bookstore nearby for a few hours. I love going… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Ball Drops of ’08

In commemoration of the ball dropping last night, CMR has meticulously created a list of the biggest ball drops of the past year. 1) THE MEDIA – The media in this election year fell just a teensy bit short of… Continue Reading →

Brit Hume: God, Granddaughters, Golf

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, news anchor Brit Hume said he’s retiring starting next Tuesday to focus on his top three priorities. He calls them “The three G’s: God, granddaughters, and golf.” In that order. Nice to hear. And… Continue Reading →

Save the Straw Men!

In this heated election season, thousands of straw men have been created with the express purpose of being knocked down, says the spokesperson of a Strawman advocacy organization. Save the Straw Men was created to raise awareness of the horrors… Continue Reading →

Where do Demons Live?

Something a little odd struck me in reading the recently release Pew Statistics on Religion in America Report. The good news is that Americans are nearly unanimous in saying they believe in God (92 percent) and large majorities believe in… Continue Reading →

Media Doesn’t Understand Religion

The Chicago Tribune asks: Have Southern Baptists lost their way? The question I would pose as a logical follow-up would be lost their way to what? The Trib obviously believes that religions should be judged solely on numbers. As a… Continue Reading →

Obama Looks Down his Nose at You

Peggy Noonan said recently that she thought Obama might be a snob. Well, read how he talks about people from small towns, according to the Politico and then you tell me: You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and,… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Face in a Potato

“Don’t Eat that Spud, Ma!” That’s how it all started as 17 year old Earl Jr. looked down at his mother’s plate at the “Eat ’til You Can’t No More” Diner. What he saw surprised him and he shouted out… Continue Reading →

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