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SBA List Takes on Bill Clinton

The Susan B. Anthony List today acted mean spiritedly and lied about former President Bill Clinton. “Mean spirited” and “lied” is of course code for when opponents speak truths that liberals wish weren’t truths. You see, Bill Clinton said recently… Continue Reading →

SBA List’s TV Ad is Awesome

The Susan B. Anthony List along with other pro-life organizations has put together a devastating ad featuring former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson. I love this ad because it hits where it hurts. It smacks the self righteousness right out… Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Boehner: We’re Not Here for Moral Victories

Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List along with a number of other leading pro-lifers like Lila Rose and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote just sent a public letter to Congressman John Boehner thanking him for all he’s done… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Are Always Over the Line

Lila Rose was over the line with her undercover stings on Planned Parenthood.Pro-lifers holding up graphic abortion signs are over the line.The Susan B. Anthony List pointing out in a billboard that a vote for Obamacare was a vote for… Continue Reading →

SBA List Is the Dick Butkus of Politics

The Susan B. Anthony List is the Dick Butkus of politics. Yup. The Dick freaking Butkus of politics. Like quarterbacks with great offensive lines, self identified pro-life Dems who actually weren’t pro-life at all ran the political field almost without… Continue Reading →

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