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Silliest Explanations for Parting the Red Sea

OK. You’re on the run with a few hundred thousand of your best friends from the most powerful and dangerous army known to man. The well armed bad guys are right behind you and you come to the edge of… Continue Reading →

Less Monkeys, More Hocus Pocus

I’m going to try not be too snarky about this one because it’s just waaaaaaay too easy. The Wall Street Journal reports that a Harvard professor may be guilty of “scientific misconduct” after fudging data about “monkey cognition.” So as… Continue Reading →

New Study: Abortion Triples Risk of Breast Cancer

A new study is showing once again that abortion leads to higher instances of breast cancer. I know you haven’t seen it on the news and don’t expect to. The study sparked a backlash by those who consider abortion a… Continue Reading →

Big Abortion is Scared

Big Abortion is scared. They’re scared to death that America is slowly trending towards life. They’re scared of the hundreds of thousands of people who march on Washington every year. They’re scared of the wonderful, prayerful and effective 40 Days… Continue Reading →

Study: Abstinence Works!

The anti-science left is going to freak about this one. A new study indicates that abstinence training actually works. So it turns out that children having sex are not like uncontrollable natural disasters. Oh wait, the left actually believes we… Continue Reading →

Evolution and Homosexuality

For many years, an incongruity has existed between evolution and a genetic explanation for homosexuality. If, as many argue, homosexuality is genetically determined then how does that fit into an evolutionary system that only rewards reproduction? Wouldn’t evolution have weeded… Continue Reading →

Duh! of the Day

What would we do without scientists? Live Science has this groundbreaking and shocking study that proves weekends are good for you: Just about everybody – even workaholics – should look forward to the weekend, when most people get a mood… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Scientific Explantions of Miracle of Sun at Fatima

The Miracle of the Dancing Sun at Fatima which was seen by 70,000 people on October 13th, 1917 has been written about often. But many people continually attempt to explain away the vision of the sun dancing in the sky… Continue Reading →

Guess What? We Didn’t Descend from Apes

I know. I know. The fact that evolutionists have been shown to be wrong again proves that they’re right this time. OK. Maybe. Whatever. But you know how every school child for the past thirty years has been taught that… Continue Reading →

More Condoms Needed!

OK. These smarty pants UN loving types seem to love two things: condoms and funding. They love talking about condoms, they love funding condoms, they love the idea of passing them out to kids. And getting mad cash to do… Continue Reading →

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