OK. These smarty pants UN loving types seem to love two things: condoms and funding. They love talking about condoms, they love funding condoms, they love the idea of passing them out to kids. And getting mad cash to do it.

I actually think their love of condoms is directly inversely proportional to their love of actual humans. And they love their condoms.

So a new study comes out indicating that young people experience a 25% higher rate of contraceptive failure than adults. Shock! Kids don’t know what they’re doing. Who’d a thunk it?

A new study of women’s contraceptive use around the world finds that sexually active 15–19-year-olds are more likely than their 20–49-year-old counterparts to use contraceptives inconsistently and, on average, experience a 25% higher rate of contraceptive failure.

So what’s the answer? Guess?

Yes! You guessed it. MOOOOOOOORRRRRE funding for MOOOOOOORRRRRRRE CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this science? Do scientists often say, “Hmmm. Nothing we’re doing is achieving the desired result. Let’s do it more and see what happens.”

One of the main reasons that the study gives for birth control not working effectively is that young people are just so darn fertile. Well what amount of funding is going to change that?

In their gobbledygook smartypants way they use to try to make what they’re saying less absurd they say that they think a wee bit more money will do the trick nicely even though it hasn’t worked yet:

Blanc and colleagues observe that the rising proportion of young women practicing contraception, coupled with global trends toward staying in school longer and delaying childbearing, have created a greater demand for comprehensive contraceptive services. The authors believe that meeting the contraceptive needs of young people will only become harder as the global population of adolescents increases. They conclude that meeting this expanded need will require greater investments in improving the quality of health systems, as well as in instituting targeted programs and policies aimed at increasing young people’s knowledge of and access to contraceptive services.

You’ve got to love these folks. If everyone were using them correctly (and those darn kids weren’t so darn fertile) and teen pregnancy rates went down they’d say their plans are working so they need more funding. But when they don’t work they say that’s obviously an indication they need more funding.

In the real world, the guy who’s not getting the job done gets shown the door. They don’t get a raise.

But the question remains. Why then are they all about the birth control? The CMR Investigative Team did a little snooping around. The study was done by a group called Engender Health. What? You don’t know them. Well, maybe you might know them by their former name “The Sterilization League of New Jersey” which was a pro-eugenics group. It’s purpose, according to Wikipedia was “to aid in the preparation, promotion, enactment and enforcement of legislative measures designed to provide for the improvement of the human stock by the selective sterilization of the mentally defective and of those afflicted with inherited or inheritable physical disease.”

They then changed their name to the “Sterilization League For Human Betterment” which advocated eugenics and forced sterilizations. After the Nazis were defeated eugenics wasn’t really cool anymore so they changed their name yet again and again.
But it seems that they’re still up to their old tricks. They just have better p.r. now.

In 2002, EngenderHealth was awarded the United Nations Population Award for its “contribution to family planning and reproductive health care in resource-poor countries.” Because of this, Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared July 1, 2002, as “EngenderHealth Day” in New York City.

Who’d a thunk that a group that was begun by eugenicists would support massive amounts of birth control for people in third world countries? Hmmm…