Big Abortion is scared. They’re scared to death that America is slowly trending towards life. They’re scared of the hundreds of thousands of people who march on Washington every year. They’re scared of the wonderful, prayerful and effective 40 Days for Life vigils outside abortion clinics across the country. But mostly they’re scared of science.

So they’ve sought to silence pro-lifers. Heck, they’ve trained the media as their attack dogs so well that we’re not even called pro-lifers. We’re anti-abortionists. Big Abortion has sought to legally institute bubble zones and “no speech” zones around clinics. They try to mocking the effectiveness of abstinence to diminish it. They desperately seek to hinder the ability of pro-lifers to speak with abortion minded women.

But mostly they seek to prevent women from seeing their babies in ultrasounds because they know that a woman who looks at an ultrasound will recognize the humanity of the unborn child within her womb…

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