Ph.Ds are like tattoos, they are designed to be permanent. But Ph.Ds, like tattoos, are sometimes a really bad idea and should be removed no matter how painful the process.

The reasons for seeking tattoo removal are obvious, but why would a Ph.D need to be removed? How about if the owner of a Ph.D has demonstrably shown themselves to be a dumb as a bag of hammers? That seems like a good reason to me.

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. is someone that I believe that meets the hammer criteria for Ph.D removal. His continued use of these letters is an affront to all non-hammer-dumb Ph.Ds everywhere and I have the proof.

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. writes an embarrassing post over at the Huffington Post. Zimmerman writes a piece entitles “Rick Santorum: Heed the Teachings of Your Church.”

Follow the logic. Senator Rick Santorum wrote a column last year in which he likened the global warming ideology to that which manifests itself with evolution. He also wrote a column in which he said that Catholics must heed Catholic teaching, a crazy concept.

In an embarrassing “A HA!” moment akin to Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault, Zimmerman proudly declares Santorum to be a hypocrite. After citing a few comments by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pope Benedict’s comment that evolution is ‘more than a hypothesis’ Zimmerman leaps to the laughably absurd conclusion that evolution is thus a formal teaching of the Catholic Church. And since a Catholic must heed the teachings of the Church, RICK SANTORUM IS A HYPOCRITE!

Like I said, dumb as a bag of hammers. First it should be noted that Senator Santorum never denied evloution as Zimmerman Ph.D would have you believe. He simply stated that there are problems with the theory as many understand it and he noted,correctly, that to point this out is often considered heresy by radical Darwinists. This, he noted, is similar behavior we see with global warming adherents. Accept the theory on faith and filter the evidence as needed.

That said, how can someone with a Ph.D after their name be so dumb as to extrapolate a few non-binding comments by low Vatican officials and the Pope that indicate openness to aspects of the theory (while still outright rejecting others by the way) as the official teaching of the Church in favor of evolution? One must be either completely disingenuous or very very dumb.

Catholics are free to believe in aspects of evolutionary theory and they are also free to reject it. By no ridiculous stretch of the imagination is evolution a teaching of the Church. Zimmerman concludes his absurd Gotcha! with this….

All I can say is, Mr. Santorum, your rejection of the church’s teaching on evolution falls into a different category. It’s a deliberate and obstinate act of the will; a conscious decision that you’ve reaffirmed on many occasions.

Shame on you.