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Bishop: Time for Vatican III

Men, the forces of traditionalism have won a victory today. For decades the forces of modernism hammered away on our Vatican II front and for a while I’m sorry to say they achieved great success. And we, the forces of… Continue Reading →

Priest Compares Self to Jesus, UFO Cult Rallies To his Cause

OK. There are two ways that Father Peter Kennedy should’ve known that he was on the wrong side of his argument with the Catholic Church. 1) He resorted to comparing himself to Jesus. 2)A UFO cult came to his aid…. Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on the Catholic “Commentariat”

Mundelein Psalter Goes Into Third Printing

Some years ago, The Liturgical Institute in Mundelein took a publishing risk in trying to bring an easy-to-use version of the Divine Office to the Church. Under the leadership of the Institute’s director, Fr. Douglas Martis, the Institute’s publishing arm… Continue Reading →

The Chaos Theory

I don’t know what the rest of his papacy has in store, but I think the Pope Benedict XVI is already poised to regarded as one of the great ones. Not because of his Q score or for being a… Continue Reading →

Catholic University Makes Rabbi Available to the Press to Ridicule Church as Anti-Semitic

Sacred Heart University in a press release to the media has made their own “expert” on the Latin Mass available to the press. Oh good. The expert is, of course, a rabbi who criticizes the Church for the Pope’s liberalization… Continue Reading →

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