Sacred Heart University in a press release to the media has made their own “expert” on the Latin Mass available to the press. Oh good. The expert is, of course, a rabbi who criticizes the Church for the Pope’s liberalization of the Latin Mass. Oh.

The Rabbi Eugene Korn Ph.D., formerly of the Anti-Defamation League, took the helm of the Sacred Heart University’s Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding on July 1. He is quoted in the release saying,

“the pejorative references and the call to conversion in the 1962 rite have caused deep pain for the Jewish people who remain committed to their ancestral faith and to their biblical covenant with the One Creator of Heaven and Earth.”

“Many Jews and Christians understand the authorized use of the Good Friday liturgy in the 1962 rite to be a reversion to the preconciliar understanding of the relationship of the Church to Judaism. The theology of these prayers appears inconsistent with the Church’s binding commitments undertaken in the Second Vatican Council declaration, Nostra Aetate (1965), to deplore anti-Semitism and eschew negative depictions of Jews,” Rabbi Korn asserted.

The press release ends with this descriptive nugget, “Founded at the opening of the Second Vatican Council, Sacred Heart University has always expressed a deep respect for other religious and cultural traditions, and the CCJU has become a world leader in dialogue and interreligious cooperation.

Let me tell you this, any organization that talks about its founding and mentions Vatican II watch out for. When they bless themselves is it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit of Vatican II?

Shouldn’t we expect a Catholic University to do a little better than this? Shouldn’t we expect a Catholic University to at least offer…I don’t know…the Catholic perspective?