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Month August 2007

Jesus Was a Racist Slaveholder

Get this. A gay Episcopalian Bishop is accusing African bishops of acting like racist slaveholders. I know. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s the particulars: Gay American bishop Gene Robinson on Tuesday gave this wonderful quote: “It’s very painful… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – August 28, 2007

Stupidest Headline Concerning Mother Teresa——Did the Chicago Tribune fire all its editors? Of Footballs and Insults——The liturgy is not a football. Jesuit Donates Blood 138 Times——A priest who really gives of himself. The Jesuit and the Rainbow People——Do you remember… Continue Reading →

Stupidest Headline Concerning Mother Teresa

Stupidest Headline concerning Mother Teresa. This from the Chicago Tribune: “Can Saints Have Bad Days?” It continues: It seems like blasphemy to suggest that all those years Mother Teresa perpetuated a lie—that she did not believe her own proclamations of… Continue Reading →

Of Footballs and Insults

From Afghanistan come a story of insults. Apparently American troops in Afghanistan dropped footballs from helicopters as gifts. These footballs had the name of Allah on them. Mirwais Yasini, an Afghani MP, said: “To have a verse of the Koran… Continue Reading →

Jesuit Donates Blood 138 Times

This is an odd story but I like it. I’m not even going to use any bad puns even though every instinct is calling me to. A 54- year-old Jesuit priest Fr Jerry S.J nearly sweats blood for the people…. Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – August 27, 2007

The Jesuit and the Rainbow People——Do you remember Jesus’ parable about the rainbow people?. Hell Hath No Fury. Period.——Another Priest who refuses to teach the truth. And Don’t Call Me Shirley!——The cutest video you have ever seen! Our Public Schools… Continue Reading →

The Jesuit and the Rainbow People

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I read things just because I know they’ll annoy me. I admit I sometimes type “Father Richard McBrien” or “jesuit” into Google just to see what’s being said now. Is that bad? But such is the… Continue Reading →

Hell Hath No Fury. Period.

Hell Hath No Fury. Period. Or so a priest responding to questions in the Kansas City Star would have you believe. From Kansas City Catholic: I was reminded of that pithiness when I read the “Voices of Faith” column in… Continue Reading →

And Don’t Call Me Shirley!

Our Public Schools Are Failing Our Beauty Contestants. Badly!

This just struck me as so funny. Thought I’d share. Miss Teen USA Contestant Gives Bizarre geography lesson.

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