Stupidest Headline concerning Mother Teresa. This from the Chicago Tribune: “Can Saints Have Bad Days?”

It continues:

It seems like blasphemy to suggest that all those years Mother Teresa perpetuated a lie—that she did not believe her own proclamations of faith. Instead, perhaps her writings show that in all journeys of faith, no matter how pious the sojourner may be, there can be long seasons of doubt and disconnect.

Or perhaps the letters show that it does not take God to inspire good deeds but simply compassion for our fellow human beings.

How do you believe the publication of Mother Teresa’s letters will alter her legacy, if at all? Should it block her path to sainthood?

Firstly to talk about Mother Teresa perpetuating a lie is just ridiculous. Don’t these people have editors? And then to ask if it should block her path to sainthood is just so typically confused. The Church is not a democracy. We don’t vote someone into sainthood. The Church simply recognizes them.