The Jesuit and the Rainbow People
——Do you remember Jesus’ parable about the rainbow people?.

Hell Hath No Fury. Period.
——Another Priest who refuses to teach the truth.

And Don’t Call Me Shirley!
——The cutest video you have ever seen!

Our Public Schools Are Failing Our Beauty Contestants. Badly!
——The funniest video (in a sad way!) that you have ever seen !

Mother Theresa Being Used Against the Church
——The Ordinary Ministers of the Media spin Mother Teresa into an Atheist.

Retired Australian bishop wants “a very different Church”
——Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a retired auxiliary of the Sydney archdiocese, endorses “the most radical changes since Martin Luther started the 16th century Protestant Reformation,” the Australian newspaper The Age reports.

Wife of Chinese Opponent of Forced Abortion Missing After Police Confrontation
——BEIJING, August 24, 2007 ( – On Friday Chinese officials at the Beijing airport blocked the wife of a well-known opponent of forced abortion from leaving the country. Friends have reported that she is missing and possibly kidnapped.