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Month September 2009

An Encore Presentation

of a show harldy anyone watched the first time. However, since I put a fair amount of time in to each of them, here again are the two videos I made last week. The Statist – In the style of… Continue Reading →

This is Freaky

This is freaky. Check out his smile. It doesn’t move through thirty pictures. There’s something a bit scary about it. Who can smile the same exact way all those times? Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo…. Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Religion As A “Toy”

Don’t You Dare Judge MacKenzie Phillips

Stop right there. Don’t you dare judge MacKenzie Phillips or her father John Phillips. You hear me, you judgemental Christianistas. Of course, you know that Mackenzie Phillips’ claimed on Oprah that her father and she had an incestual consensual relationship… Continue Reading →

Hitler Happens

We’re all kind of schizo about Hitler, don’t you think? Our Nazometers are set on high. We see Nazis in anyone and everyone we don’t agree with. Yet at the same time nobody seems to believe that anything like Hitler… Continue Reading →

Superman IV Is Not A How To Video

Obama was at the UN again yesterday and essentially said, well … this. I suppose we should be happy that Obama didn’t wear the cape, at least where we could see it. Can someone please tell him that it sounds… Continue Reading →

Vid: Cdl Mahony: Abortion is “Beyond my Field”

Way to stand up for life, Cardinal Mahony. Way to go! Hey, he’s just like Obama. Obama says abortion is above his pay grade. And Cardinal Mahony says it’s “Beyond my field.” The only problem is that Cardinal Mahony is… Continue Reading →

Obama? Yes! Jesus? Not so Much

Allowed Not Allowed HT Gateway Pundit

No Mexico for Babies

I have great respect for Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre. But his comment in Catholic News Service irks me. He’s saying that if there is healthcare reform it should include illegal immigrants. We can have that discussion. And… Continue Reading →

My Hobbies

I intend to break with protocol in this post and talk a little about myself. No, not the unseemly stuff that Matthew does about his escapades with his children. Every time he does that I suspect that someone will call… Continue Reading →

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