I have great respect for Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre. But his comment in Catholic News Service irks me. He’s saying that if there is healthcare reform it should include illegal immigrants.

We can have that discussion. And while nobody with a conscience would allow people to be turned away from care, I think Bishop Murphy went a little far in his advocacy. According to CNS:

Bishop Murphy said Catholic hospitals will not turn illegal immigrants away if they don’t have medical insurance, but he believes it will be more cost-effective if the undocumented are given an opportunity to buy into an affordable health insurance plan.

On “the issue of health care, if it leaves out immigrants, it is doing what some people want it to do in terms of the unborn,” he said.

Well not exactly. You know what would be more like it, if we funded little storefront medical centers across the country and dragged illegal immigrants into them unwillingly and either burned them alive or stuck long needles into their brains or maybe just pulled them apart limb from limb.

And the President could say that just because the country made a mistake by allowing them to enter, that doesn’t mean we want to be “punished with a Mexican.” (HT Obama “punished with a baby” comment) We could call them Mexibortions.

But we’re not doing to illegal immigrants from Mexico what we do to babies are we? No. Hey, at least Mexicans would still have Mexico to escape to. There’s no Mexico for babies.

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